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Meetion RGB Programmable Gaming Mouse M990S

AED 120

Features Programmable Gaming Mouse M990S ◆ Transformer Gaming Style. The mechanical double-wing design is matched with the scif armor wheel shape, such as the science fiction chariot to conquer the world. The left and right symmetrical design follows ergonomics, feels comfortable and holds firmly. ◆ Gaming Resolution. Four level DPI adjustable by top DPI button to ensure precise positioning and speed.

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Meetion P110 Mouse Pad 435*350*5mm

AED 49

Gaming Mouse Mat Square P110 ◆ Waterproof: washable and easy to clean. ◆ MMO Pixel--perfect accuracy: Engineered to improve mouse glide, Super-fine high-density silk surface. ◆ Thick High-quality Materials: Underside is made of natural processed foam rubber, which adapts to different surface materials. ◆ Zero Slip and Anti-curling: the anti-slip foam rubber base helps the gaming mouse pad to stay securely in place and prevents curling.

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Custom Macro Pro Membrane Gaming Keyboard K9420

AED 110

Custom Macro Pro Membrane Gaming Keyboard K9420 ◆ Ergonomic design with armrests. ◆ Cool full-color backlight. ◆ G1~G6 separate macro recording button. ◆ P1~P3 three-mode macro recording combination can be switched at will. ◆ Separate multimedia control buttons. ◆ Ergonomic curved key design. ◆ High-speed USB cable data transmission. ◆ High-quality conductive film for faster reaction in the game.

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Meetion GM80 Mechanical mouse

AED 149

This is a high-end brand mechanical macro definition gaming mouse for game lovers. Ergonomic design, very comfortable for you to use for a long time. With features like 7 programmable buttons, cool LED variable light effect and 8 levels of adjustable DPI, this mouse will bring the most comfortable gaming experience that you never have before. This mouse looks cool and full of personality. It is a perfect comrade in game.

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Gaming Mouse Mat P100 Large size 790*345*5 mm

AED 75

Gaming Mouse Mat Longer P100 ◆ Unique Shape–-the mouse pad shape curves on the right-hand side to provide you with extra space for extended hand movements. ◆ Huge Size–-it will have room for both your keyboard and mouse, leaving plenty of room for comfort. ◆ Awesome Design–-upgrade your gaming aesthetic with this sleek high quality printed design. ◆ Fat Rubber Base–-the thick natural rubber anti-slip base material will hold a sturdy death grip on any surface you place it on.

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Mechanical Gaming Keyboard MK01

AED 199

RGB Backlight Mechanical Gaming Keyboard MK01 ◆ Lucency injection keycap wear-proof and high light transmittance. ◆ High-quality macro mechanical switch. ◆ RGB chroma backlit customizable. ◆ Quick multimedia function FN + combination. ◆ Convertible W, S, A, D and ↑,↓,←,→. ◆ 64-grade e-sports game chips. ◆ Full page fully automatic SMT solution. ◆ Full key Anti-ghosting.

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Meetion C510 Mouse & Keybord

AED 99

Rainbow Backlit Gaming Mouse Keyboard C510 19 keys Anti-ghosting, not fast break only 19 keys do not conflict, accurately and quickly destroy the opponent, better in the competition

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Meetion C500 Combo

AED 120

◆ Keyboard 1) Colorful backlit with breather. 2) Comfortable and soft keys, Suitable for gamers 3) Error-free running time, strokes: more than 10 000 000. 4) 19 keys anti-ghosting 5) Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS. 6) 12 Fn shortcut buttons for Multimedia, Internet, etc. 7) Gold plating USB Interfacе".

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RGB Gaming Mouse Pad P010

AED 89 AED 99

In the Own World, Come and Go Freely Backlit Gaming Mouse Pad P010 ◆ Micro-textured surface for both speed and control playstyles. ◆ Optimized for all sensitivity settings and sensors. ◆ RGB lighting with 16.8 million color options. ◆ Fantastic RGB LED backlight. ◆ Backlight switch 9 models change. ◆ Optimized surface coating. ◆ Non-Slip rubber base. ◆ High light transmittance organic glass.

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